Video and TV Production

We have been involved in video and full broadcast quality TV production for many years, producing our flag ship program “La Luz” as well as interviews and promotional DVDs for other Christian ministries.

We can video your meetings with a three camera shoot, and produce the DVD copies within ten to fifteen minutes of the end of your service.

This means as your guests are ready to leave they can buy a recording of the meeting on DVD.

Call us for a quote as the cost of the sales often covers the cost of the production.

Video ProductionCD/Video Duplication

We can also duplicate your teaching / conference / music CD/DVD’s complete with direct label printing to disk and case inserts. From runs as small as ten units to as many as you want. Call for a personal quote.

OR…  Do you have your own DVDs or CDs that you need copying?

We can duplicate and print your label directly to the disc

Call us for a quote, no quantity too small


Contact us at: 952 486820