Elim España was formed in 1995 and officially registered in February 2009 as Federación Elim Pentecostal.

Pastor George Thomas started the Elim work in the 1930s but he had to leave at the start of the Spanish Civil War. It was in the 1980s that Elim started reaching into Spain again with Elim Missionaries Andy and Yolanda Smith going to Figueres in the Province of Girona, located in the North East of Spain. Through evangelism, home groups and prison work a church was founded.

The first short term Euroteam visited in 1982 when young people went to encourage and support the work through evangelism.

John & Valerie Knox came to Spain as Elim missionaries in July 1995 when the denomination of Elim España was formed. In 2000 they took the role of pastors the Girona Church which was planted by the Figueres church in the early 1990s. As President of Elim España, John officially registered “Federación Elim Pentecostal” in February 2009. John and Val retired to the UK at the end of 2015.

Howard Coley, an Elim UK ordained minister, came to Spain in 1990, planting two churches in Andalucia and as a member of the National leadership team, helped establish the Federation Elim Pentecostal and took on the role of the president in 2015.

“For many years Howard has worked tirelessly and tenaciously to build a local church in Malaga, Spain. This has been a sacrificial endeavour as he has needed to work bi-vocationally in order to bring that to pass. I am delighted that he is now to take up the role of president, which he does with my full endorsement and support. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you and trust that the support he will receive beyond Spain will enable him to fulfil the vision that has long been on his heart.”

John Glass


Rev. Howard Coley President
Rev. Susan Coley Secretary 
Rev Gabriel Rivera Treasurer

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